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An electromagnet is an electromagnetic device used for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. Their main characteristic is theirgreat retention force with moderate electricity consumption. They can be designed for handling and transporting any kind of metal piece and can be adapted to the special needs of each sector. The main sectors of application are:

  • Safety and transport: closing devices, automatic doors or fire doors.
  • Lifts and elevators: sensors, stairways, ramps or signing and transport equipment.
  • Packing and packaging: labelling and packaging machinery or automatic dispensers.
  • Medicine: radiology, dialysis, dispensing and artificial respiration equipment.
  • Robotics and machinery: industrial robots, motors, presses, domestic appliances, textile machinery and industrial furnaces.


  • Circular pick-up...

    These are used for handling and manipulating ferromagnetic pieces in industrial robotics, positioning pieces, maintaining fire and ventilation doors and other applications. The products are included in the 73/23 EEC low voltage regulations. Compliance with the 89/366 EEC electromagnetic compatibility regulations must be ensured by the user.

  • Direct current...
  • Rectangular...

    These are activated by 24V direct current and are manufactured in iron alloys. Alternating current ones can also be made to order. They are used in industrial robotics for positioning pieces and in transport facilities, among other applications. The products meet the 73/23 EEC low voltage regulations; compliance with the 89/366 EEC electromagnetic compatibility regulations must be ensured by the user.

  • Activation electromagnets

    ER series electromagnets are linear, with a simple effect: the movement along the route from the initial position to the final position is made by the action of electromagnetic forces and the return to the initial position is achieved by external forces or by a spring incorporated into the electromagnet. The useful force is obtained from the magnetic force (Fm), adding or subtracting the weight of the moving core. The values for the magnetic force (Fm), depending on the route, are obtained under the following conditions:

    • Ambient temperature =35ºC
    • Coil stabilised at operating temperature
    • Power supply voltage equal to 90% of the rated voltage
    • Electromagnet in horizontal position

    The connection terminals are arranged as shown in the following image. They can be assembled in different positions and dimensions to order, and the terminals can be replaced by free conductors.