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Steel-impregnated cardboard: this type of printable cardboard, together with magnetic tape, is suitable for educational games, notice boards and advertising. It can easily be printed and is finished in white on both sides.

Magnetic paper: white for ink-jet printers, on the back it has a thin magnetic layer so it can be printed easily and cleanly. It can be placed on any metal surface and is used for photos, puzzles, images and drawings. It is sold in packets of 10 units.

Magnetic envelopes: plastic bags with one magnetised face and one transparent face, allowing accurate signing. They can be applied to any metal surface and are used in warehouses, factories or shopping areas.


  • Plastic Cap Magnets

    Plastic-coated magnets are suitable for planning and organisation in workshops and offices. Easy to position and inexpensive, they are used to make plans and graphs into signs and for holding notes on metal notice boards.

  • Capboards, papers and...